Friday, 13 October 2017

More Autumn deliveries!

We've had some more deliveries and as usual, it's an eclectic mix!! 
This is the problem with being a smallish shop, trying to keep a wide variety of fabrics, without a huge amount of storage space.  But we keep squeezing in a bit more ;)
There's been a lot of haberdashery arriving too, more useful things like Fray Check, Wonder Tape and coloured zips for little bags!
So here we have:

A soft, burnout velour with a subtle sparkle, in dark grey.  145 cm wide & £12 per m
Nice evening top or dress perhaps?

Love this Mexican style weave, acrylic/wool fabric. 145 cm wide & £11.50 per m
I'm thinking an Autumn coat.

Navy stretch textured denim, 148 cms wide & £13 per m
Definitely pinafore material or jeans, skirt...!

Oyster stretch velour, mmmmmm! 150 cms wide & £11.50 per m
Just seen blouses and dresses, made in this online!

Pleather/Faux leather, 137 cms wide & £12 per m
Perfect for bag making (it's what we used in our bag making class!)

Another textured stretch denim in a sage green/grey.
148 cms wide & £13 per m
Can you have too many pinafores?!

This photo doesn't do this 2 way stretch suiting justice, it drapes beautifully.
143 cms wide & £12.50 per m
Classic shift dress, pencil skirt and obviously trousers would look beautiful in this!

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