Friday, 26 July 2013

Shop Lease!!

The shop lease has arrived!!!



Soon she'll be mine!!

Timeless fabrics

61 High Street



SO41 0QG


Hoping to open shop the beginning of September!!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flea market shopping


Well, the estate agent promised me, the lease should be with you next week...!


The flea market is on only every couple of months, so what's a girl to do!!


You're so right - go searching for shop fittings!!


So here's a couple of items I purchased today.



Fantastic decoupage display table, in vintage french fashion magazines.

How appropriate!


Gorgeous vintage french stackable metal chairs.


The rest of my purchases had no french connections!!

Birch Fabric Organic Cottons


Just arrived!!!



Birch Fabrics are such a high quality product.

They have great organic credentials, are lovely to work with and wash beautifully.


And there's more on the way!


I love this pre-printed quilt fabric, for time challenged people (like me!).


Just add wadding, backing fabric and binding.

A little stitching along straight lines and you're done!!



French Fabrics Coming!

A range of subtle prints from France


Here's a sample of what's coming!

 Lovely soft cottons in beautiful tones.

Hopefully, they should be with us in a few weeks.


Been Fabric Ordering!!

Japanese Fabrics Ordered!!


Here's a taste of what's coming



A little crazy?


A little mad!!


Just fun!


Call you when they arrive!!


The Bad news is, they won't be here until October :(


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Time for some sewing...


Little Make up bag in Dena Designs Taza Medallion and lined in cotton poplin.

No make up though, just nice clean sample swatches!!


The pattern is from a really great tutorial:


In fact so good, I bought it to make more to sell in the shop (when I eventually see that tenancy agreement!!)

Friday, 5 July 2013


An email from Gutterman!


Confirming my thread cabinet is being build and a delivery date!!


Just hope the shop tenancy agreement, comes soon...


Just checked my diary...

and noticed a big date looming!


Yes, the biggest and best flea market I love, is open Sunday 21st July!!

A good place for shop fittings I feel/hope!