Friday, 27 September 2013

Opening Times


When we're open!


Mon - Sat   9.30am to 5.00pm


We have 2 entrances, so don't be put off by the steps!!

Our side entrance is is completely flat, so wheelchairs are welcome!

We're Open!

Finally we've move in!


It's been a bit mad, so no time to write I'm afraid.  But now the broadband is up and running, there's no reason not to!
For those who haven't been able to come and see us yet, here are some interior photos!


Fabrics, trims, threads and haberdashery!

An extendable table for fabric cutting, pattern book browsing and workshops!!

Buttons, interlinings and more haberdashery

More fabrics and a sewing machine to rent by the hour (beverage included!)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Price Tags

Well, I had a really cool idea of printing my price labels, then realised I only had one 0 and no £ sign (american stamp set)!!  Still, I persevered (took rather a lot longer than I'd anticipated), but I love them, just run out of safety pins to pin them on with now!
Do you like the Lichtenstein inspired table cover I bought for the shop?  I could have gone muted florals, but felt a little humour and funkyness was called for!!

Well Written

Signwriting finished!!

Well, the weather was a bit hit and miss, but inbetween showers it got done.  There were  a few hairy moments, trying to span the shop steps!
Many, many thanks to Terry Smith from Olds Cool in Lymington, a fantasic job, with lots of interesting stories throughout the day!

I particularly love the shadowing, so here's a close up.


Another step nearer to opening, just the haberdashery cabinet, kitchen cupboard, shelving, phone line, broadband etc...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

We're Finally There!!


The Keys for The Shop are in My Sticky Hands!!



So here's your invitation!!!

Timeless fabrics
61 High Street
Nr Lymington
SO41 0QG